Advertising in an airport


Some of the most striking and effective out-of-home advertising sites in the world are at airports, connecting global brands with some of the hardest-to-reach groups, and often in the most spectacular environments. For airports, advertising is an important source of direct and indirect revenue, takes little space and can positively affect the passenger experience.

Media markets are undergoing significant change. The rise of mobile technology has transformed the way consumers use the internet and the way brands communicate with consumers, with internet-based advertising now accounting for over 50% of global spend. Digital screen developments are driving out-of-home advertising markets, providing multi-platform audience delivery, improved communication/service levels and the ability to increase retail penetration.

Advertising has the potential to inform and entertain the passenger and real time, interactive and new technologies are unlocking exciting possibilities for targeting, engagement and measurement.

The WARM Approach

In collaboration with our strategic partner Triagonal Information Systems, we have developed WARM, a planning system to deliver high-impact advertising that is fully integrated with wayfinding and other commercial signage to ensure that all elements work together seamlessly.

From Crisis to Opportunity

The following article by Philip Weake, published in the Moodie Davitt Sight Lines magazine, describes how airport advertising has evolved substantially over recent years but, like many sectors, has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The article reviews the key trends, with examples of some of the best airport sites and media around the world, and takes a hard look how the industry can best rebuild for the future.

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Nice Car as part of diaplay in Totonto Airport