Advertising in an airport

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, USA


Portland Design and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Project Description

The Washington Metro is the second busiest rapid transport system in US, with 295 million trips in 2018. The transit authority determined to improve both the passenger experience and commercial income, and Compass was part of the Portland Design led team appointed to review selected stations and recommend future strategy and solutions.

Scope of Work

  1. Reviewed current advertising at 10 core and 9 other stations
  2. Recommended strategies for
    • Digital and static advertising sites
    • Potential use of audio as part of OOH advertising offer
    • Best use of promotions and exhibition sites in stations
    • Coordination of advertising with wayfinding
    • Potential for online purchasing
    • Options for monetarising wi-fi
    • Advertising policy guidelines
  3. Provided an independent review of digital screen proposals received by WMATA.

Project outcome

As with many major mass transit systems, Washington Metro has great advertising potential due to the sheer size and profile of its passengers, but the network of stations and the advertising programme was looking dated at the time of the study. Drawing from international best practice and knowledge of the US market, we recommended how advertising could best be developed across the station network, making best use of spectacular and networked digital sites, static advertising and a range of other opportunities.