Advertising in an airport

Riga International Airport, Latvia


SIA Arhis Arhitekti and Riga International Airport

Project Description

Riga is planning a major terminal expansion to handle projected long-term passenger growth and which will transform the passenger experience at Latvia’s capital city airport.

The terminal extension has been designed by Oneworks and Arhis Arhitekti, as longstanding architects to RIA, was retained to ensure that the final building is optimised for passengers and commercial activities. Compass was in turn appointed to work with Arhis to develop both the terminal and exterior roadside advertising plan and to advise the airport regarding concession strategy.

Scope of Work

  1. Planned optimised advertising programmes in the Airport Terminal Expansion and the new road layout
  2. Evaluated the current advertising programme in the existing terminal and recommended how this can be brought up to a uniform level
  3. Provided high level consultation for optimising future advertising concession strategy, RFP and type of agreement when the current concession ends

Project outcome

Compass has worked with RIA on multiple projects and we were delighted to have the opportunity to help develop a long-term advertising programme and strategy for the airport. This project was a very successful collaboration with both RIA management and with Arhis, who embraced the challenge of coordinating advertising with terminal design and landscaping.