Advertising in an airport

Navi Mumbai International Airport, India



Project Description

Navi Mumbai has been planned to take up the forecast long-term growth passenger demand for Mumbai as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) reaches capacity

The new terminal has been designed by Zaha Hadid and Compass was appointed to work closely with both them and other consultants in the design team to optimise the advertising programmes in the terminal and along the exterior road system.

Scope of Work

The project was divided into two Phases:

Phase 1

  1. Prepared three design concepts for the client
  2. Prepared a SWOT analysis of the three concepts, together with high level sales potential of each

Phase 2

  1. Developed the chosen design option into final terminal and exterior roadside advertising programmes
  2. Prepared ratecard and sales potential calculations for the final terminal and exterior roadside advertising programmes

“Navi Mumbai International Airport is a new second airport being built for Mumbai. It will be built and operated by GVK, the owners of the existing CSIA Airport in Mumbai. Ultimately a 4 terminal, 100 million passenger capacity airport, the construction of terminal 1 is underway and we appointed Compass International Media to plan the terminal and roadside advertising program.

Compass worked very closely with internal and external stakeholders, including the terminal architects Zaha Hadid. CIM provided full advertising layout and infrastructure plans for all locations, as well as detailed rate cards and sales/income estimates.

We are very pleased with the program delivered. The program combines spectacular and small-format digital screens with static and experiential sites that we are confident will enhance the passenger experience, complement the architecture of the new terminal and provide the means for our future advertising concessionaire to generate optimal levels of sales.

We really liked CIM's approach as they not only used their wealth of airport advertising experience, but really took the time to learn about and understand the advertising market for India. This threw up some really interesting differences from other markets and was instrumental in the best advertising strategy for us. I am pretty certain we will have the best and most innovative advertising portfolio in India when we open.

One final thing - and I can't stress this enough - Compass were great (and fun) to work with. Flexible, knowledgeable, sensitive, engaged, enthusiastic and a really nice team.”

Mark Entwistle, Senior Vice President Commercial, Navi Mumbai International Airport Ltd

Project outcome

Mindful of the rapid development in OOH advertising in India, of the three advertising concepts presented in Phase 1, the client chose to develop a highly digitalised terminal advertising programme in Phase 2.

The terminal programme minimises the number of sites but will provide advertisers with highly effective digital media to enhance the passenger experience, optimise sales and support airport retail and other commercial activities. The exterior roadside programme is largely static, providing Indian brands with the large-formats they prefer, including two spectacular advertiser designed sites.

The overall programme combines international best practice with the specific preferences of the Indian market and we are confident will allow the client to optimise sales.