Advertising in an airport

Malta International Airport, Malta


Pragma Consulting and Malta International Airport

Project Description

Ahead of a major expansion programme planned, the airport appointed Pragma Consulting to review long-term commercial potential, and Compass was subcontracted to provide advertising expertise.

Scope of Work

  1. Carried out a detailed review of the current terminal and exterior advertising programmes
  2. Reviewed the local OOH advertising market and met with selected advertising agencies in Malta
  3. Assessed sales generated from the current advertising programmes
  4. Assessed how advertising could be improved in the areas of the terminal being expanded and the potential sales uplift from advertising in these areas

Project outcome

The majority of advertising sales at MIA are local and Compass determined that obtaining feedback from Maltese companies and agencies on both the existing programme and future needs would be crucial. The information obtained from this research was combined with international best practice to deliver a strategy that will enable MIA to maximise future advertising sales and revenues.