Advertising in an airport

Bermuda International Airport, Bermuda


Bermuda Skyport

Project Description

Bermuda Skyport received 5 proposals in response to the advertising concession RFP for its new airport and appointed Compass to provide expert, independent third party analysis and evaluation on the selection of a preferred proponent.

Compass was sent copies of the RFP and the draft Concession Agreement sent to bidders, together with copies of each tender submission for evaluation.

Scope of Work

  1. Reviewed RFP and draft Concession Agreement
  2. Reviewed tenders received
  3. Scored tenders
  4. Prepared a report of findings, recommendations and other comments useful for Bermuda Skyport in determining which bidder represented the best commercial partner for the airport

Project outcome

Compass was very pleased to be able to help Bermuda Skyport to select its advertising concessionaire. Of the 5 bids received, two had credible sales forecasts backed up by good media and concession proposals. We identified a number of points that required clarification in the two bids, and from these, Bermuda Skyport was able to select the optimal proposal.