Advertising in an airport

Berlin Brandenburg International, Germany


Berlin Airports

Project Description

Berlin’s new international airport opened at the end of October 2020. In preparation for the opening, Berlin Airports appointed Compass to provide an independent assessment of the large-format exterior advertising site locations and types identified in a planning project carried out by BER Advertising and DMI and to recommend any final improvements that could be made.

Scope of Work

  1. Reviewed current exterior advertising at Berlin Tegel & Schönefeld airports
  2. Participated in an advertising workshop to review
    • Results of DMI study
    • Results from market research study
    • Current proposals for exterior advertising sites
    • BER advertising’s perceptions of current market and advertiser wants
    • 2019 sales generated from exterior sites at each of Tegel & Schönefeld
    • Exterior advertising formats in German and world airports
  3. Carried out analysis of
    • Large-format exterior sites provisionally selected
    • Potential additional sites
    • Potential improvements to site locations and/or types of advertising
    • Sales & marketing optimisation (Domestic v International)
    • Pricing strategy
    • Estimated sales potential
    • Prepared a report of findings & recommendations

“This letter relates to the FBB - Advertising Project Report, undertaken in February 2020 for the new BER Airport. I can confirm that this report, produced by Philip Weake of Compass International Media, was of great value and benefit to our organisation. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Philip.

Included in the project report were examples and advice regarding interior and exterior advertising spaces. The expert knowledge displayed was vital in providing up to date market recommendations, not only for new ideas but also for existing concepts in need of some improvements.

Along with the work done on the various types of advertising spaces, Philip went to great lengths to provide us with strategic recommendations for sales and marketing. Projecting sales potential with these recommendations has hugely benefited our outlook in the short, medium and long term. With the complex nature of the airports in Berlin during this difficult time, it was vital to garner expert analysis of what we can do, to maximise the sales potential of our new BER Airport. Philip's knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in airport advertising was a huge advantage to our collaboration.

I have absolutely no doubt that the work carried out by Compass will enable us to optimise our advertising business at BER in the future.”

Jennifer Brauer, Head of Advertising, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Project outcome

Compass has carried out multiple projects for Berlin Airports and this latest project provided the in-house advertising team with an independent analysis of the proposed exterior roadside advertising programme. The timing of the opening presented a major challenge due to the unfolding pandemic and severe reduction in passenger numbers. We were able to advise which sites have the greatest short and long-term potential and how they should be developed and sold in the uncertain advertising market that the airport found itself in.