Advertising in an airport

Beijing Capital Airport T3, Beijing, China


The Design Solution and the Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited

Project Description

The Design Solution was appointed to design a spectacular new International Departures Lounge at Beijing Capital Airport’s T3, with Compass providing high level strategic advice for developing an advertising programme that will optimize revenues, integrate fully with terminal/IDL design & architecture and maximise support for retail and F&B.

Scope of Work

  1. Carried out a UK based review of the current advertising programme in the T3 IDL
  2. Defined options and opportunities for upgrading the advertising programme
  3. Working with TDS, developed a high level IDL advertising programme
  4. Prepared a written rationale/strategy and photo examples for TDS’ report/presentation

Project outcome

The previous Beijing T3 IDL included a number of good advertising sites, but there were multiple clashes with the retail outlets themselves. Our starting point for the new IDL was therefore to ensure no conflicts, but to provide a programme that fully supports the retail offer. A range of static and digital advertising has been planned into the IDL, including a large-format three-sided digital advertising display that will be amongst the most spectacular advertising sites in the world.