Advertising in an airport

Ahmedabad, Lucknow & Mangalore Airports, India


Chapman Taylor and Adani Airports

Project Description

Adani group has become the leading airport operator in India and its assets include Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Mangalore airports. The group’s ambitious plans for the three airports includes redesigned, expanded and new terminal buildings, together with the complete overhaul of all commercial activities. Following tender, Chapman Taylor’s New Delhi and London offices was awarded the project to replan all commercial, with Compass responsible for terminal and roadside advertising.

Scope of Work

For each airport, terminal and exterior roadside area Compass

  1. Reviewed the current advertising programmes
  2. Reviewed concept stage retail and other layouts with Chapman Taylor
  3. Identified advertising locations all passenger areas and identified the optimal media type at each location and approximate size
  4. Developed a set of standard advertising formats
  5. Wrote up advertising sections of the concept stage reports incorporating a critique of existing advertising and the strategy to the programmes proposed
  6. Finalised all advertising locations and sizes with Chapman Taylor
  7. For each location identified display sizes and type of advertising unit
  8. Prepared net sales potential forecasts for the proposed advertising programmes
  9. Took part and contributed to design team meetings and airport operator coordination and presentation meetings

Project outcome

Advertising in the three airports is currently cluttered, with an oversupply of sites and different formats. A range of standard advertising types has been planned across the three airports that will greatly enhance the passenger experience and allow Adani’s in-house advertising business to maximise sales and support for retail and other commercial streams. As in many other leading markets, digital sites are rapidly gaining traction and the advertising programmes include digital networks in key locations. The programmes will look outstanding and the standard formats will not only declutter the terminals and maximise sales, but will also drive highly cost effective capital investment for Adani.