Advertising in an airport

Compass’ provides the following services:

Planning and Design
  • Optimised advertising programmes for new and existing airports and transport terminals
  • Maximum sales potential
  • Multi-platform audience delivery
  • Improved communication and service levels
  • Increased retail penetration and sales
  • WARM planning - coordinated Wayfinding, Architecture, Retail and Media planning
Strategy and Performance Improvement
  • Strategic vision
  • Market and trends analysis – key drivers for future growth
  • Optimised media offer and sales strategy
  • Sales and revenue potential
  • Flexible strategies for long-term growth
  • Rapid-impact strategies for fast performance improvement
Valuation and Due Diligence
  • Business plan analysis
  • Benchmark sales audit
  • SWOT analysis
  • Client retention
  • Market and trends analysis – key drivers for future growth
  • Sales and revenue potential
Tenders and Contracts
  • Optimal business model
  • Operator agreements and KPIs
  • Tender strategy
  • Tender documents
  • Tender evaluation

Selected Projects

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