Mumbai International Airport T2, India

Client: GVK

Project Description:

GVK commissioned the stunning new terminal at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to enable it to consolidate all international and the majority of domestic passengers in a single terminal. The new building has a design capacity of 40m pax p.a.

The Master Architect was SOM, New York, and the retail designer was The Design Solution, London.

Scope of Work:

Phase 1
  • 1. Design of overall interior advertising program (with SOM)
  • 2. Preparation of capital requirement analysis

Phase 2

Refine advertising program in retail areas (with The Design Solution) and check/revise advertising program all other areas in line with final design and finishes of terminal..

Phase 3
  • 1. Final revisions to terminal advertising program
  • 2. Planning of roadside advertising program
  • 3. Recommended business strategy and operator model
  • 4. Recommend tender process
  • 5. Recommend tender evaluation and scoring mechanism

Compass comment:

The new terminal delivers the ‘best of India’ to passengers, from design to services provided. GVK realised that advertising needed to be properly planned in order to maximise the architecture of the new terminal and future income. Compass is very pleased with the interior advertising program and we were able to develop a highly effective working relationship with SOM, the terminal architects who fully understood the need for commercial income, were highly creative and were always willing to discuss new advertising concepts and ideas.

In the second phase of work, and working closely with The Design Solution, the advertising program in the airside departures areas was adapted to suit revised retail layouts to great effect.

The third phase of work involved final revisions to the terminal advertising program and planning the roadside program. The road access to Chhatrapati Shivaji is largely raised and is very close to surrounding hotels and other buildings. Planning an exterior advertising program was therefore highly challenging but we are confident that we have made extremely good use of the opportunities available.

The tender process recommended combined International practice with the norms expected by companies operating in the Indian market. The advertising concession was awarded to Times of India who are now selling the sites and media created to Indian and International advertisers.

Client comment:

“I am pleased to confirm that Mumbai International Airport Ltd appointed Compass International Media to design the interior advertising for the new Terminal Building at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. The new terminal has been designed to handle up to 40m passengers per annum.

From the outset we wanted the design of the interior advertising to be integral to the terminal building rather than being added in at a later stage. Having designed programs into a number of other leading international airports, we chose Compass to work with us and the terminal architects to create a program that would not only look right as part the architecture of the building but also be commercially successful.

Since 2008, Compass has worked very closely and proactively with our Principal Architect, SOM in New York, and our Retail Designers, The Design Solution in London. Compass has managed to create a very attractive program that incorporates the latest thinking in airport advertising. The final program of sites includes both dynamic and static elements and has been successfully integrated with the wayfinding and FIDS/BIDS signage elements.

We are very pleased with the results and have particularly enjoyed working with Philip Weake of Compass. I would not hesitate to recommend this company”.

Brian Edes
Former Head of Design (Terminals)
CH2MHILL Program Managers for Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai International Airport