Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Germany

Client: Berlin Airports

Project Description:

Berlin Airports will consolidate all flights through a single new terminal to be called Berlin Brandenburg International Airport - BER. The new airport will replace Tegel and Schoenefeld airports.

Commercial management at Berlin Airports determined to integrate advertising into the terminal building and invited tenders for the project. Compass teamed with Media Frankfurt and was successful in winning the tender.

Scope of Work:

Phase 1 (with Media Frankfurt)
  • 1. Production of business plan, including sales and revenue forecasts and analysis of the optimum business model for BBI
  • 2. Design of interior and exterior advertising programs

Phase 2

Analysis of current pricing at Berlin Airports

Phase 3
  • 1. Revalidation of Phase 1 analysis and recommendations
  • 2. Review of EU airport advertising and market trends

Compass comment:

By starting the advertising planning process 4 years prior to the original terminal opening date scheduled (now delayed) Berlin Airports ensured an innovative program and maximum integration. Compass’ collaboration with Media Frankfurt produced some outstanding design concepts and that will deliver sales at the upper end of forecasts.

The advertising programme has also been revised to allow digitalisation of a higher proportion of sites and the final programme will be outstanding, with a number of key exterior sites already sold.

Client comment:

“…Berlin Airports appointed a consortium of Compass International Media and Media Frankfurt to design the interior and exterior advertising programs for the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.

The combined skills of Compass and Media Frankfurt were extremely effective. Media Frankfurt brought a detailed understanding of the German market and Compass an unrivalled knowledge of the world-wide market.

A wide range of media was designed, including large and small-format Lightboxes, Interior and Exterior Pylons, Flags, Banners and Promotions sites. Innovations designed by Compass and Media Frankfurt included Sponsored Art Displays, Added Value Gate Promotions, Wave Formation Lightboxes, Floor-inset Lightboxes, Digital Media Towers, Digital Screens with a range of Sponsorships. All advertising units were specially designed to integrate with the new airport’s architecture, materials/finishes and incorporate BBI branding in the designs.

The commercial basis of the appointment included an analysis of the optimum business model for BBI and detailed sales and revenue forecasting.

We are confident that work carried out by Compass and Media Frankfurt will provide us with one of the best airport advertising programs in the world and a highly profitable airport advertising business.”

Berlin Brandenburg International