Sao Paulo International Airport, Brazil

Client: Pragma Consulting

Project Description:

Guarulhos International is Brazil’s busiest airport, handling over 31m million Domestic and International Passengers per annum. In 2012 the airport was conceded to Invepar on a 20 year lease and the new owner is looking to optimize all commercial activities, including advertising. With 12% forecast annual growth in passenger numbers, the potential from advertising at Guarulhos is considerable. Working through Pragma Consulting, Compass was appointed to critically review the present program and business model and advise Invepar in taking the business forward.

Scope of Work:

  • 1. Passenger tracking and flow analysis
  • 2. Recommended advertising program
  • 3. Sales and revenue potential
  • 4. Business model options
  • 5. Recommended business model and strategy

Compass comment:

Compass assessed the effectiveness of the current advertising at Guarulhos and planned an updated program to provide world-class advertising for Brazilian and International advertisers. The recommended advertising program covers both of the existing terminals, plus the new T3 due to open in 2016 and all roadside/exterior sites.

Individual site sales and revenue forecasts were made based on passenger flow tracking and modeling carried by Pragma, who also assessed the latest passenger demographic information and data.

Sao Paulo International Airport, Brazil